Sunday, 5 April 2015

So five months after launching the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ people want to know what's coming and when ... .With Samsung has just released the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, which is now being regarded as the best designed and most mobile desired Apple contemplating a new design earlier than planned?
We look at the possibilities and opportunities ....
How will the iPhone 7

The iPhone 6 broke records during the Christmas period totaling iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 + over 74.4 million 's sold. Surprisingly, the iPhone 6 + formed by at least 30% of those sales, proving that bigger is better. But a change of may..well design ... Now is needed if it is to keep up with the elegant look and very expensive Galaxy 6 Edge.

So what after?

The rumors start about a iPhone 6 c being released! Will Apple continue with a line of phones that only constituted approximately 15% of the market when it was first released? It is known that about 8 of every 10 mobile phones sold in China is an apple, and over 30 million were pre-ordered iPhone 6+ (which resulted in many countries such as the UK wait up to six weeks for your phone). This may well be enough for Apple junk basis of the 'c' model..after all, why make a cheaper version when people follow cousin to buy?

The design of the iPhone 6 has been received and appreciated by most buyers, so it's possible that will only come with our 6s iPhone, faster, iOS 8 is inserted along with it. With it we can expect the introduction of context module + location iris recognition, along with the possibility of a wireless charging. This could be introduced as a larger rug also features a clock Apple ie every night, just place both baseload and wakes up in the morning with two completely synchronized and accused elements.

As the technology of a recent speed test that put the iPhone 6 against the new edge of the galaxy, it was found that the Edge was a little faster by a whopping 8 seconds..that was written with sarcasm ... 0 8 seconds for the latest model of Samsung against Apple model that is 5 months old. So if the functionality is what you are looking for an iPhone 6s is definitely a route you want to follow, since it is known that Apple gives massive jumps in speed and functionality with each update model is the model or not 'of s.

And if not, then 6s iPhone iPhone 7 ... .. But, no rumors being released Apple manufacturers regarding new body wraps, etc still being filtered. If Apple were to release a new design model ie iPhone in July would have seen leaks from a source for now. Security and Apple designs always clouded in secrecy, but always manage to escape. It was March last year that the case iPhone 6 body began to appear in the web..there is nothing but the concept and speculation out there at the moment. So it looks like the wait for the iPhone 7 will be at least another 15-18 months.

However, we believe that it is possible to keep up with Samsung to launch new models of 2.3 later this year, probably in late October early November, most likely the iPhone 6 s, s + 6c iPhone 6 iPhone.

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