Thursday, 16 April 2015

The edge of the S6 and S6 galaxy could be taking center stage these days, but there is no doubt about the fact that many people are also awaiting word on when your device will get the update Android Lollipop. Samsung has updated a lot of devices Lollipop already, but they have all been high-end devices. We have previously confirmed that the company is alive on Android 5.0 for the Galaxy series A, and today we have information on several other devices.

According to our insider, Samsung is currently working on Android 5.1 for the edge of the S6 and S6 galaxy, and also for the Galaxy Gran Prime. There is also a galaxy Core Prime's on the market, and we can confirm that Android 5.0 is in development for the device, and also for the Mega Galaxy 2. With most of the flagships in the last two years working Lollipop, looks like Samsung is finally turning its attention to the mid-range devices, although as always there is no word on when the changes will begin deployment.

One last thing. Our privileged reiterated that there is still no Lollipop build for the Galaxy Note 2 in development phase. Is expected to get the update Note 2 along the Mega 2, but again, for now there is no guarantee that the second generation of Note flagship Samsung will make a move beyond Android KitKat, despite what some of the regional branches of the company might be saying.

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