Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Apple could have launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a few months ago, but that has not stopped speculation about the upcoming signing smartphone, iPhone 7 also rumored that the iPhone 6S.
Here, we round all we know about the availability of the iPhone 7, including price and release date. Keep this page marked, as we will update with each new detail, feature and the rumor that comes our way.

Speculation suggests, as the typical cycle of two years of Apple, the iPhone 7 does not look much different to its predecessors iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Apple is expected to continue redesigned user interface and digital CrownApple to retain LTPS LCD panels based on its next iPhone, despite venturing into OLED displays for Apple. This movement resulted in some reports saying Apple could also use the OLED technology for its next smartphone after first use SmartWatch.

However, the use of OLED now seems unlikely. According to a recent note to investors JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang, ease of visualization Japan may have the ability to churn out about 100 million 5in LTPS LCD panels each year, thanks to a payment of $ 1.4 billion by Apple. Chang speculated that this funding indicates Apple will stick with traditional LCD screens for the next iPhone.
There have been about $ 2.6 billion investment in the production of LCD for Apple partner Foxconn. The new plant will begin mass production of LCD panels exclusive to Apple in late 2015, after Apple made a request to increase production. This new cushions earlier speculation that Apple will happen Oled display technology for its next iPhone.

Is expected to provide the same smart phone aluminum body sculpting, and will be available in the options of the same objective, gray space and gold color. Also talk that the iPhone 7 will be available in pink, but we'd take this with a pinch of salt.

While the design is unlikely to change much, rumors suggest that Apple could opt for a scratch-resistant sapphire screen in the next generation iPhone, like that found in the Apple clock.
Production problems reportedly prevented the launch of the iPhone 6 with a screen of sapphire, but speculation says that Apple has partnered with Foxconn to be ready on screens difficult time.
In terms of screen size, there are rumors that Apple will launch next year multiple variations of iPhone, one with a 4.7in screen and one with a 5.5-inch screen. Some rumors say that Apple will also launch a smaller 4-inch model aimed at customers with small hands.

Separated by Patently Apple rumors claim that the company could follow the Edge Galaxy S6 adding a curved screen.

The Wall Street Journal (paywalled) reports that the iPhone screen 7 curved or not, have the same force Touch technology first introduced on the Apple MacBook 12-inch, allowing a touch-sensitive surface pressure recording skills and movement.

According to the report, this would make way for new applications as "an application of piano playing that make different sounds softer or harder you play.

iPhone iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
This screen is also likely to show the next generation of Apple release iOS, iOS 9. This is expected to debut at Apple WWDC conference in June, but will not be as exciting, according to a report on 9to5Mac, as it will focus in error fixes and stability improvements rather than new features.
Despite this, it is said that iOS 9 will feature a revised service maps, and split-screen mode for iPad users. We can also assume that Apple will include the Watch app that debuted with iOS 8.2, which allows users to connect and synchronize your handheld with your smartphone.
According to rumors, Samsung has fought rivals including TSMC to provide the main chip for the next iPhone. Industry sources say that Samsung Semiconductor supplies A9 processor applications for the iPhone in July.

This is combined with 2GB of RAM, according to a report and the iPad Air.
In terms of storage, the iPhone 7 is likely to be available at the same variations of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB its predecessor.

It is reported to John Gruber of Daring Fireball that the next iPhone will have "the biggest leap camera never", which offers a two-lens system which apparently leads to DSLR quality. He suggested that Apple could opt for new 21MP image sensor from Sony, the Exmoor RS.
Beyond that, we do not know much about the iPhone 7 yet, though some speculate it could be the first iPhone to launch with wireless charging.

Release date

Not surprisingly, no official word yet on when Apple will unveil the iPhone 7, but the recent history of iPhone launch suggests that the device will appear in a special event in September.
After this, if Apple sticks to tradition, the iPhone will arrive on shelves July later this month.


Again, as expected, did not elaborate on the cost of the iPhone 7 yet, but it is probably similar to the price of the iPhone last year 6. Available in 16 GB, 128 GB and 64 GB variants, the smartphone costs £ 539, £ 619 and £ 699 respectively.
If Apple reveals iPhone Phone 7 In addition to increased armored expect is more expensive at £ 619, £ 699 and £ 789 μ


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