Saturday, 14 March 2015

After a report recently revealed that Apple's next iPhone will have the same kind of touch technology before present in the watch Apple and some models of MacBook as the new laptop 12 inch shared details around iPhones futures Apple, saying that the company efficacy have a special iPhone in store next year.

Likely to be  the labeled iPhone 7, the Model 2016 can be available in different versions, with a specific unbiased"to the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America." That is the exact wording used by the publication to describe the device, which supposedly have a modem chip Intel inside.

While VentureBeat report detailing how important it is for Intel has a company in the Apple iPhone, and noted that the Intel 7360 chip LTE modem can offer speeds up to 450 megabits per second, supporting LTE and 10.9 Category 3X carrier aggregation, the most attractive piece of information provided by the publication regards iPhone differentiation.

It is unclear whether the markets of Asia and Latin America emerging get a cheaper iPhone 7 or the same iPhone 7 receive any other market, with the unique distinction of being the choice LTE modem. But the publication Which says it will be a "special" version.

Apple has yet to release new models of iPhone inexpensive along with emblematic devices. Instead of taking this approach, Apple has always maintained the older iPhones in their lineup and sold at cheaper prices. Even the iPhone 5c was affordable iPhone many people thought it would be.

With Intel modems, Apple just might be looking for a second supplier of LTE chips for the iPhone, not only to ensure you have enough components to meet the huge demand, but also to pressure Qualcomm, the sole supplier of LTE Modems iPhones, and a "difficult relationship to Apple."

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