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  •   Galaxy Note 3 Note 2 Note 1 - release date September 14, 13, 12, respectively,
  •   Galaxy Note 5 release date calendar August 2015 -commet suggest!

According to past records of the members of the Galaxy Note series, all your gadgets leader series was released in September month history could repeat itself if Samsung will not change the trend.
But the rumors suggest something different. The trend of the smartphone market is more volatile and are forcing new brands tend to be increasingly volatile due to new releases and cheap prices of gadgets. If a leading brand like Samsung or Apple will not bring something unique with time then your small stake could be eaten by any other brand because of its newest and most advanced product. So the reason is simple, competition and the need might force the Galaxy Note 5 release date to be earlier than the schedule.
Moreover, we note Samsung like stick with your plan and schedule. Therefore, we might have to wait longer for Samsung Note 5 release date announcement. Experts also think the same.

Galaxy Note 5 Specifications & features - Amazing & Unbroken

Within two months of rumors portions has fired the web for Galaxy Note 5. Before proceeding allows explore the current generation Samsung Galaxy Note 4. recent comes supplied with all the latest generation Qualcomm 805 with the processor Quad-core record until the frequency of 2.7 GHz. and interestingly 2K display resolution, 3 GB RAM and a better camera ago Note 4 A phablet purchase is worth. And in another galaxy S6 is about to enter the market and Snapdragon 810 quad-core processor at 3 GHz, 4 GB RAM. And yes, reference to the trend of technology and smartphone in 2015. It is Galaxy S6 would be a blow to the smartphone market and our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would lead to another level with super specifications and features.

28th May updated

Forget the smartphone ASUS Transformer? Well, Samsung is going to go for something new. Now your smartphone or phablet act as a conventional notebook. Yes, Samsung has patented a new laptop docking for your next phablets, can be for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And certainly, the new portable Samsung phablet would dock a verdict. Hope would not be very expensive. Wait for the next generation to get phablet - the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

May 14 Update

Previously we said, Galaxy Note 5 would bezel less, but the surprises in the design section would be much more. You will start with the stylish designed metal monoculture, but we will still have access to the battery slot and the microSD card. New generation of Smart S-pen would be there too, there are rumors of S-pen have a memory to work on near field communication and when we play a small file (up to 300 kb) and hold the key in the new S -pen then put the S-Pen in another galaxy Note 5, release the key already. Yes, it sounds like a crazy thing science fiction movie. But yes, this is the time for action.

 May 10 Update

The new trend of less bezel design has started in the market and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is already a flagship Samsung to offer such design and the good news is, "Galaxy Note 5 goes bezel less." Next September, will be ready for the two bezel least badge named Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy 5 Note 5 Edge. And yes, this would be anything but revolutionary Samsung to bring the world smartphone.

 May3 2015 Update

The internal report suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Note 5 Edge will not be similar to that observed in cases of Note 4 and Note 4 S6 and S6 Edge & Edge. Samsung now plans to go further with the Edge series. Not only we have the difference in screen as people are not able to choose whether to go with the curved edges or same traditional display screen. However, both handsets have 4K resolution display but can discover different fillings and configuration. Well, it is good news for fans of Samsung which would have two different flavors Edge Galaxy Note May this year.

March 28, 2015 Update

We have said that Samsung is working on 10nm manufactured chipset for next generation Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as Samsung has shown that it is better, his is how the chipset Samsung Galaxy S6 chip, Samsung entered the level scale manufacturing of 14nm Intel chipset and now Samsung next plan might even surprise the chip giant Intel and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would first scale 10 nm world chip manufactured Android device. Apart from this, if you're hoping stereo set (front) speakers in the following note then not be wrong, because only the sound, HTC Samsung behind. Therefore, it is time to hit other brands, and Samsung will not disappoint his fans.

February 7, 2015 Update

    The new Samsung Exynos octal-core 10nm 7X with the configuration (little.Big.BIGGER ..) HMP (heterogeneous multi processing) would be the most efficient solution from Samsung so far. It is rumored that Samsung is testing as a module. And this new module have the capability to support 4K display. The specialty of this Exynos 546X HMP could be the latest construction (little.Big.BIGGER ..) with 8 different cores to increase performance. And HMP choose the core module as per the need. If there would be no need for a single core, single core then be activated if two needed two and if needed then 7 then 7 and 8 if then 8 so on. Moreover, the new processor is inspired by the cyclone technology found in the chip found in Apple iPhone 6. A8 A8 is better than the last 810 because Qualcomm A8 can handle 6 instructions per cycle, while the solution Qualcomm is limited to three instructions per cycle. So, you can imagine the scale of the operation 10NM processor Exynos cyclone technology HMP made 7X little.Big.BIGGER would act as two octal-core processors Exynos current generations are working together.

Here is the list of Galaxy Note 5 Specifications and features:

  •     82X + Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 3.2 GHz / Samsung Exynos 7X (10 nm) 8-core (little.Big.Bigger ..) with a maximum of 3 GHz core frequency
  •     4 GB of RAM
  •     Any new 4K native resolution screen
  •     Advanced ID TOUCH button and retinal scan
  •     Metal frame design
  •     Faster loading capacity - can charge your phone in 5 to 10 minutes
  •     ULL rotator sensitivity 27MP camera - front to back
  •     Capturing video resolution 8K
  •     front microSD slot and stereo speakers
The story does not end here for the Galaxy Note 5 specifications, but elsewhere only stats from here. All specifications and amazing to be packed into a beautiful elegant metal gadget features 4K resolution screen would be a revolutionary brand in the industry of smartphones and Samsung could be the first to incorporate such a thing in your smartphone for the first time. Recently, there was news for Huawei smartphone to offer 8-core processor and 4K-resolution screen. So, you can feel the war in Samsung is not alone. With the launch of Samsung Note 4, there is no doubt the Samsung rivals try to bring similar solution. And the game will become a war without mercy. And if that requires manufacturers to give better your gadget so that not only compete with other manufacturers, but also will satisfy fans. Yes, we want something different from Samsung.

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