Thursday, 19 February 2015

Currently Apple is facing yet another lawsuit Involving accusations of employee poaching. A Recent filing from A123 Systems, a battery manufacturer, claims-That Apple poached several engineers from the company for Its New battery division, September Violating Agreements Contracts forth in Their employment in the process.

The report comes from Law360:

A123 suit filed Feb. 6 in Massachusetts Superior Court, alleging Apple employees hired away five WHO developed new battery technology and products and tested Existing products, Despite The fact That the employees were under Contracts With noncompete, nonsolicit, and Obligations nondisclosure.
Since June, Apple has-been mounting "an aggressive campaign to poach employees of A123 and A123 to Otherwise raid's business," the complaint Said.
Further, says A123 That, after the employees left, it emails found on company computers from Apple's hiring personnel to the engineers in question.

It's Not entirely clear what the employees are working on In Their new home at Apple. However, Apple Recent rumblings about an all-electric car, as well as battery life on the rumored upcoming Apple Watch Could Provide some clues.


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