Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cases manufacturers have long been a rich source of leaks to anticipated devices and lately this seems truer than ever. Most of what we know about the physical appearance of the Galaxy S6, currently the two most anticipated devices from different manufacturers have come cases, which are among the first in the industry with letters and dimensions for future models.
Likewise a new leak case supposedly has new information about the upcoming flagship device Huawei. Rumors say the thin translucent case in the pictures is designed to fit the Huawei P8.
If this is true, then the little piece of plastic reveals a lot about the future device. First the P8 should be impressively thin. On the right side of the box we find holes which are undoubtedly volume rockers and tight underneath that - the power button, so it's nothing special here.

What is really interesting is the rear side of the transparent sticker. It has two very different holes. A small in the upper left corner and higher significantly in the center. Now this could be indicative of a lot of things and could very well mean nothing, but usually such a large space is left uncovered to accommodate something and not simply as a design element. A possible alternative could be that the P8 Huawei will come with a dual camera configuration. Another option is a biometric sensor, perhaps a fingerprint scanner and monitor heart rate.
Huawei P8 filter case P8 filter filtering 

As we know from previous leaks Kirin P8 last 930 chipset Huawei, which is the first to be made using a 16nm process will be powered. A screen of 5.2 "Full HD and dual cameras Honor 6 Plus (the device could even get promoted to major dual 13MP camera) and a 2,600mAh battery pack will sparkle. It will come with double-sided glass 3 gorilla protection and uni-body ceramic. Design In 6 mm, which is said to be thinner than the iPhone 6, which is 6.9 mm thick.

According to that same rumor the device should be priced at RMB2,999 ($ ​​480) and was unveiled at a special event in London on April 15 Specifications leaked itself mentioned a fingerprint sensor, but Reality is not visible in the attached image, especially when the case has left a whole to accommodate it.
There are, of course, a number of possible reasons for the discrepancy, but until the smoke clears Huawei flagship in the March 1, take everything with a pinch of salt.


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